April Wrap-Up (2020)

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In April I continued my re-read of the Imperial Radch trilogy in its french translation with L’épée de l’Ancillaire and La Miséricorde de l’Ancillaire. Ann Leckie still nails it even with an average translation! I also read the two omnibus I had of Hellboy and really liked them. I really disliked the movie and seeing how awesome the comics are, I’m even more disappointed in them!

I’d recommend Mister Miracle to anyone who loved The Vision and Black Bolt, because its story focused a lot on the characters AND made my brain hurt too, with gorgeous art. Silver Surfer Black reminded me of the awesomeness of Black Bolt too!

The House in the Cerulean Sea was an amazing novel, kind and soft and perfect to read while huddled home during a pandemic. I liked Alana et l’enfant vampire for the same reason, a nice urban fantasy adventure with inclusive characters and a good message.

Beneath the Rising was a scifi novel I had been looking forward to ever since it was announced and it did not disappoint. Alternate history, eldritch horrors, Canadian and Moroccan setting, messy friendship… and the ending blew me away!
For another alernate world but more on the fantasy side, Wicked as you wish was also a great read.

Overall a great month of reading!
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2 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up (2020)

  1. Wow, what a great month you had! I really should continue with the Imperial Radch, the second book is on my list of books to read this year! ^^
    Beneath the Rising was a complete surprise, I randomly bought it because the cover gave me Arrival vibes and the premise sounded cool but omg, it was a crazy story and I loved the banter between the two main characters! 😀


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