November Wrap-Up (2016)

I’ve decided to post a little something to recap what I read in November, especially since I didn’t took the time to write a complete review for everything!

1) Consider (Holo #1), by Kristy Acevedo
I started Consider on October 29 and finished it on the 1st of November so let’s say it counts!
I really liked this YA Scifi. The main character suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and everything gets even more complicated for her when holograms appear all over the Earth, opening portal-like vertex because -as they say- a huge commet is going to destroy the Earth. Butthere is no proof of that so nobody knows what to do and decisions will have to be made.
It was super gripping and it dealt very well with the day to day life of the protagonists and their family issues (for instance her father suffers from PTSD) plus the fate of the Earth on the background. I’m really looking forward to the sequel that, I think, will be even more SciFi than this one!

2) The Sun is also a Star, by Nicola Yoon
I got this eARC from netgalley and I wrote a review !

3) Aucun souvenir assez solide, by Alain Damasio
A French short fiction collection, also wrote a review!

4) Made to Kill (The L.A. Trilogy #1), by Adam Christopher
I’m still trying to process what I thought of this one. Overall I liked it. It’s about a robot detective that has been turned into a hit man by his corrupted master computer. It was fun and kinda slow paced, set in an alternate version of 1960s Los Angeles. The plot turns around movie stars, russian spies and mind control.
It’s also a very short novel, maybe not a novella but almost.

The thing that bugged me is a detail but ughhh… There’s that one moment where the robot sees the girl from the cover without her makeup on and he has the thought that she looks better that way and I was like “???? It’s a robot!!! Why would a robot have the same crappy thoughts than a man with unwanted opinion about makeup?” I don’t even wear makeup but plz let people do whatever they want to do with their face and stop “shaming” them. I’m sure it wasn’t even intentional on the part of the author but yeah, it bugged me.

5) Invasion (Dreamland #16), by Reno Lemaire
This one is the 16th tome in an ongoing French manga series! I’ve been reading those for a long time. It’s really fun, the concept is that when someone overcome their fear while in a dream, they gain it as a power (for the main character it’s fire). There’s a big world called Dreamland only accessible while asleep, full of travellers (“voyageurs” in French) with powers, and also people and creatures living in this world.

My only issue is that all the women have large breasts or are almost naked all the time and it’s tiring in the end… But it’s manga so almost all of them have this issue unfortunately. It really feels like it’s aimed for boys and even if I like the idea of this series, its characters and kinda everything, it makes me sad at times. Even if I’m sure it’s all about the fun of it for the writer/artist, but it bothers me.

6) La Reine des noctères (Pérismer #1), by Franck Dive
Another French one, a fantasy novel this time. That is the first time ever I got a French book from a publisher (and I’m super grateful for it) but unfortunately it was a huge disappointment for me. I’m still working on my review.

7) Rosemary and Rue (October Daye #1), by Seanan McGuire
I didn’t love this first book in a long series, but I liked it.
I started it because I loved the other books I read by Seanan McGuire, so of course I had high hopes. I still enjoyed this urban fantasy and am thinking on continuing this series, there is great potential and I’m wondering about what will happen next. They’re not very long so maybe one book a month, or one once in a while wouldn’t be so bad.

8) Stay Crazy, by Erica L. Satifka
Another one from netgalley that I reviewed  not so long ago!

9) Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children #2), by Seanan McGuire
The sequel for the amazing Every Heart a Doorway! I LOVED it, cannot wait for all the other books to be out! I got it as an eARC from the publisher and it will only be out in June2017! Such a long wait 😦
I’m also working on my review and should upload it in a few days (or maybe one or two weeks, depending on my school work!).

10) Sleeping Giants (Themis Files #1), by Sylvain Neuvel
I was super happy to finish the month with such an awesome book! My review is just there!

I also read two other books for school but they are not really interesting. I also reread some others because I had an exam two days ago for my Comparative Literature class (Littérature Comparée).

Some numbers:
10 books (+5 for school, not pictured here)
7 in English and 3 in French
5 Science-Fiction, 4 Fantasy and 1 contemporary
1 from library, 4 from publishers and 5 bought.

So this was not a bad month! Considering all the time I had to focus on my homeworks, I’m glad I got to read that many books!
But my TBR is still huge and Christmas will add a bunch more!

Current read :


2 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up (2016)

  1. Heh, I get your rant about Made to Kill. Never read the book, but I come across those moments too often in my reading. In most cases I guess the author was probably trying to show “sensitivity” but it just backfires royally, showing their patronizing judgmental side instead.


    1. Yeah the worst is I kinda understand why they wrote that but still, that’s not okay. I hope he’s been told that. I got an eARC of a novella in this series and I think I’ll read it anyway, hoping it’s better!


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