Bookstagram monthly update (June 2018)

What prompted me to start this kind of monthly post? First it’s book related so it’s relevant, second my mom follows my blog but doesn’t have instagram and asked for it, third people on twitter seemed okay with it as well. So here goes! 😀

1) Posted this one at the end of May but it’s my birthday stack and I love it a lot ❤

2) You can see this is an old picture because I was still wearing my winter coat! It was also taken with my old phone that I don’t have anymore since March

3) Gorgeous cover for an equally gorgeous and violent book 

4) Didn’t read this one in full but will get back to it someday, loved the fun way to speak about science and space!

5) Short story with robots and dinosaurs ❤

6) Amazing end to the trilogy ❤

7) Lovely inclusive portal fantasy and gorgeous book pouch I got for my birthday ❤

8) Beautiful design, cover and interior, but not really to my taste for the content 😦

9) Favourites ❤ ❤

10) When my favourite book of 2017 finally got a physical release !

11) A second (even third if the stack picture counts) picture of this short fiction collection! Funny story, a few people told me they first though my dog was… a cow!! HAHA! I guess the dark body and head on the grass could lead to this mistake! 


I posted so much this month! Having many pictures ready from a few months ago, sunny weather to go and take pictures whenever I felt like it and more free time definitely helped!

9 thoughts on “Bookstagram monthly update (June 2018)

  1. I do love these roundup posts because they let me see what my fellow bloggers have been reading. They are also dangerous because inevitably my TBR grows every time I see an interesting book in their stack 😀


  2. My mom made an IG account so she could see the photos on my private account, but before that she would look at my bookstagram photos on the website, since you don’t need an account to do that. This is much easier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is nice! 😀
      I think my mom prefers it on the blog since she gets an email when I post something while instagram just isn’t her thing at all haha!


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