July Wrap-Up (2020)

july wrap up banner 2020

And here’s July finally! I was in a big YA mood, it paid off since I really liked A Very Large Expanse of Sea and I’ll be the One!

I’ve also a new favourite manga series with BL Metamorphosis with a high school girl and an old woman bonding over BL manga! La Voie du Tablier was also a lot of fun, an ex-yakuza becomes a stay-at-home husband and loves the life!
I read the 9 volumes of the original Gunnm series and I liked Gally but the world is way too bleak and hardcore for me to really have enjoyed it 100%. I still understand how it could become such a classic, following this heroine was great, she’s both strong willed and super strong physically as well as sensitive to people around her.
I read volume 2 of Bride Stories and I love this series, I need to read all the rest soon since volume 12 is coming out soon in France!
Hero Skill Achats en ligne was a lot of fun, made me think of Ken’En and Gloutons & Dragons which I love.
Spy x Family is also a fun one, comedic espionage found family story with a dash of supernatural!

I finally read Penric’s Travels, the second bind up of the Penric and Desdemona fantasy novellas! I LOVE this series with my whole heart!

Mexican Gothic was a gorgeous horror novel, I’m so impressed with the way Silvia Moreno-Garcia always comes up with new fresh ideas for her novels. An author I’ll keep following for the years to come.

Esther Parmentier est un roman d’urban fantasy à la française que j’ai beaucoup aimé! Rempli de créatures fantastiques, agrémenté d’un humour de tout les instants à la Catherine Dufour, j’ai beaucoup ri!

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