June Wrap-Up (2020)

june wrap up banner 2020

OKAY It’s August already but let’s act as if I’m not just posting my wrap-up posts later and later each time… Let’s be honest, they’re more of a personal archive thing than a blog thing at this point. I’m not abandonning this blog altogether though, I do hope to find a way to balance it better with work life and personnal life in the future!

I read a majority of kids picture books and mangas that month! Le secret du rocher noir was really lovely, gorgeous illustrations. I also loved the 6th Atelier des sorciers volume, even though I’m still feeling like the big stuff is still being alluded to and I hope things will get moving soon! Ken’en was very fun, and Bride Stories was lovely.

Géante became a favourite really fast, this graphic novel about a giantess exploring the world and discovering being a woman is somewhow worse than being a giant was a real work of art that struck all the right cords with me.

Une lutte sans trêve by Angela Davis was a really good book, I’ll be sure to read more of her work.

The City we Became and Thecel were good novels, but not new favourites.

La Ville sans Vent and The Wize Wize beasts were huge disappointments unfortunately and I didn’t really like the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul but I’ve been told I should maybe try some more volumes, we’ll see.

read in june 2020

6 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up (2020)

      1. That’s good though! I’m glad to hear that. 😄 Also, I hope you enjoy later volumes of Tokyo Ghoul if you try them! Not that I’ve read the series myself, but I love it when people recommend continuing a series and then I end up becoming obsessed even though I felt kind of neutral about (or didn’t particularly like) the first book! 😂


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