May Wrap-Up (2020)

may wrap up banner 2020

Back to work meant less reading time for full lenght novels but lots of borrowing of mangas and graphic novels ! I read four novels, La Mer sans Etoiles (The Starless Sea) being a reread and a favourite, alongside Network Effect that I loved a lot (after re-reading the four novellas, which greatly helped my enjoyement and comprehension of the novel.)

Regarding comics and graphic novels, I loved Harley Quinn Breaking Glass and Shadow of the Batgirl from DC’s new imprint for YA readers. I’m also finally up to date on the Paper Girls series which I really enjoyed. C’est comm ça que je disparais is a great read that made me cry a lot, about depression and trauma.

For the mangas, I loved Blue Flag and had to read up to the end to see if I could recommend the series in good faith, and while I wish there would have been more volumes, I did love it: forget about love triangles, here there’s a love quadrangle! Four teens in high school battle with their own feelings. It’s a really soft manga series finished in 8 volumes, with lgbt themes and characters. It did felt like the author meant to address and represent more than what appeared on the page but it still was great.

Last one I’d like to mention is Barbouillé, a French picture book that talks about a little boy whose father paints too much and splashes paint all over him and his mom: it’s obviously a metaphor for child abuse and domestic violence. I almost burst into tears at work when I looked at it, it’s very well done and so few picture books talk about this subject, it’s a book that should be in every class library.

read in may 1-2read in may 2-2

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