January, February, March Wrap-Up (2020)

jan feb mar wrap up banner 2020


My favourite was Penric’s Progress, it contains the first three Penric stories first published as ebook only. After reading the first as an ebook, Penric’s Demon, I knew I had to order the hardback edition of the collected stories because I loved it so much. It’s exactly my thing: slice of life fantasy with a kind main character.
Come Tumbling Down was also really great and I can’t wait for the first stories to come out in French soon!
A crier dans les ruines was a really good novel about Chernobyl and the aftermath for a young girl who had to grow up in France, far from her country.

read in january 2020


My favourite novels were The Starless Sea (a literal hug to booklovers, gamers and lovers of stories everywhere) and The Unspoken Name (super cool novel about a female orc warrior, here’s a tweet where I raved about it!)
I also loved the graphic novels Les Fleurs de Grand-frère, Bergères Guerrières, sur la route du west and La Tête dans les Etoiles. Amélie Fléchais, Tillie Walden and Jen Wang remain some of my favourite creators out there, their voices and art style hit all my soft spots.
I read so much because I could borrow many books from work as I started working at a chain bookstore in January ❤

read in february 1-2

read in february 2-2


Obviously my favourite was L’ancillaire de la Justice by Ann Leckie as it was a re-read with a friend! Gods of Jade and Shadow was also a good one, as well as The Dragon Republic that managed to keep my head off the serious things happening in the world. Huge disappointment with The Secret Commonwealth, and Le Chant des Cavalières was a bit of a let down.

read in march

Coming back very soon with my April Wrap-Up!

For more details on the books I read, head to goodreads (my year in books 2020).

One thought on “January, February, March Wrap-Up (2020)

  1. Those stacks are so satisfying to see!! 😍 I think if I worked at a bookshop or a library I’d be so overwhelmed by all the books available to me, haha.

    I read The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang ages ago and really liked it! I’d love to check out more of her work. And I’ve seen Tillie Walden’s style and it looks so lovely! 😍 I hadn’t heard of Amélie Fléchais till now but I just googled her and her style is delightful! I love the muted colours and slightly dark fairytale vibe.

    Sorry to hear that The Secret Commonwealth was a letdown… Makes me glad I didn’t bother to buy the hardback, haha. I was sort of tempted because my sister got the first one in hardback at an event. 😂 Maybe I’ll try borrowing the ebook, but I’m not in a hurry to read it!


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