October, November, December Wrap-Up (2019)

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October was *a while ago*, but I still remember how much I loved The City in the middle of the night, a really good scifi novel. I also loved Nous qui n’existons pas by Mélanie Fazi, a french non-fiction book about aromanticism (though the word isn’t used) and which made me want to read her sff short fiction even more !
Ninth House was also a big surpise, I didn’t know what to expect since I didn’t have strong feelings about Bardugo’s YA novels, but I really liked the main character and the university setting.
I wrote a review for Persephone which I loved, and I liked the Robots VS Fairies anthology a lot!

read in october 2019


The Deep and Middlegame were my favourites that month, glad to see them both nominated for the Hugo now!
Les Soeurs Carmines and Timo were also super great.

read in november 2019


As I got a job that month I was able to buy physical copies and read the remaining volumes of L’Atelier des Sorciers and Gloutons et Dragons, both manga fantasy series I love at the moment! Un gentil orc sauvage was also a big surprise, I loved it. December was a pretty good month actually because I liked or loved everything!

read in december 2019

So that was a very quick catch up on my reading from last year that I hadn’t updated here, mainly for myself because I like having these visuals for each month easily accessible on the blog. Will do the same for the first three months of 2020 too very soon!

2 thoughts on “October, November, December Wrap-Up (2019)

  1. Ha, I guess October was indeed a while ago. (Anything before March 2020 feels like that, really…!)

    I agree it’s really cool and satisfying to record what you read in this way! And it’s always a nice feeling to remember books like The City in the Middle of the Night that really stuck with you and that you remember loving several months (or years) later. 🙂


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