August Wrap-Up (2019)

So many good reads this month!

I finally got up to date with the Stormlight Archive by reading the Edgdancer novella focusing on Lift, the youngest character of the series and the funniest as well. That was to prepare myself for the third book Oathbringer. It didn’t top the first two book for me because the focus was on Dalinar and he is not my favourite, though his point of view was really interesting and I managed not to hate him too much.
The Ascent to Godhood was the brilliant fourth novella in the Tensorate series, I really liked the first twin novellas and loved the third, this one bringing yet another original tale to the series.
I borrowed the first Mouse Guard book from the library because the artworks from the cancelled movie really intrigued me : I loved it a lot, very dark. I’ll definitely get the other ones.

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me is a really beautiful, sad and deep graphic novel, in black and white with touches of pink here and there. It’s about a relationship between two girls, one of them taking advantage of the other, the latter one coming to terms with how love should be. Friendship is also a big part of the story though.
Wilder Girls is a great YA body-horror novel, I just wish it had been longer or that it would have a sequel.
L’âge d’or was as gorgeous inside as the cover is, though I don’t know what to think of the story until I have read the sequel. Not as spellbinding or original as I hoped, but might change later.
Coeur de Pierre was sweet, sad and short, but I’m a bit surprised at the cover now that I know the ending.

I had to force myelf to finish Outresable (Sand), the post-apo world was cool but I disliked the characters strongly for the most part and hated the way prostitution was handled.
In Other Lands is my new favourite novel, a sharp look at portal fantasy with a snarky insecture main character we follow from age 13 to 17.
I reread Jade City so I could read Jade War afterwords and loved binging those two. Such VIOLENCE and shocking moments while still handling the politics masterfully!

To be taught if fortunate was good, but I didn’t have strong feelings about it either. I loved the science and how inclusive it was, but I would have prefered more time to get to know the characters and explore more planets. Though the ending was really original.
An Unkindness of magicians was enjoyable but I thought the characters were not fleshed out enough, here’s my review.
The Undefeated follows a woman in her sixties travelling back to her childhood place in another planet, alongside her slave (??) and think back on her life and the war coming up. Interesting but a bit slow and boring, especially once I understood what was up with the slaves….
The League of Legends comic Ashe was beautifully drawn and the character engaging but the story was nothing extraordinary.

3 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up (2019)

    1. It was much longer and I love the way it had both action packed moments and more day-to-day things! My heart was racing when reading the end, but really I’m looking forward to the way the trilogy will conclude and adresse some stuff!

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