July Wrap-Up (2019)

When will I post a wrap-up post at a regular time, when? No idea but anyway here’s what I read in July.

Empress of Forever is a novel I was very much looking forward to, since I loved the Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone. It did not disappoint and almost hit the 5/5 mark, my only issue was with guessing the twist very early on.
The Goblin Emperor was amazing, with a kind main character and a slow pace without action and mainly court intrigue.
Unsung Heroine is a novella and I liked it but no strong feeling, though I’ll definitely countinue with the series.
Words of Radiance is a re-read, which I loved just as much as the first time.

Bolchoi Arena was meh, I liked the art-style but the idea and execution were not original.
On the contrary, This is How you Lose the Time War was lyrical and amazing, though might not be to everyone’s reading taste.
Joyride was pretty cool, I had started to stop caring but suddenly the relationships between the characters took a turn for the best (also queer character!)
Not your Backup was a nice third book, I liked the aro ace main character a lot, but I still prefer the first book in the series much better than its sequels.

The Ten Thousand Doors of January was intriguing but the story inside the story was a bit annoying at first and I kept stopping reading and never really feeling like I wanted/needed to get back into it. I didn’t felt like the racism was portrayed in an insensitive way, but it was really central to the story I would say and makes for a pretty heavy read at times.
Parting Shadows was a really cool scifi novella about a young girl raised by an AI for revenge.
Part-Time Gods was better than the first book and a great continuation of the saga. I loved how it handled themes of education and family, though the drama to stop the romantic relationship from “stalling” was unnecessary imo.
I struggled a bit at first to get into Desdemona and the Deep but I ended up really liking this novella a lot.

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