June Wrap-Up (2019)

I read a lot in June and with it came both disappointing and awesome books, so it evens out!

I loved re-reading The Way of Kings, this is a great beast of a book with amazing worldbuilding and compelling characters.

The True Queen was cute but it wasn’t as amazing as Sorcerer to the Crown, it was all too easy to figure out right from the first clues. The f/f romance was nice but developped too fast, and right at the end. I hated the way Magic for Liars handled its teen characters, the mystery wasn’t very mysterious and the main character really not good at detective work.

Pax was nice, The Vela as well, but I wasn’t as moved or taken by the stories like I had hoped for. La Débusqueuse de Monde was good but not as amazing as I hoped as well, one of my issues with it is how the “iel” pronoun is only being used for alien.
Chevauche-Brumes was full-on bad though, mostly regarding the way it wrote female characters, and I finished it only so I could give it a bad rating on goodreads since it only had good ones (call me petty…)

Running with Lions was great, the romance between the two teen football players was adorable, even though the writing still needed a bit more work in my opinion. I’ll be sure to try and read the author’s future books!
When the Moon was Ours had an impeccable writing style but I didn’t love it, just personal taste. It was a beautiful novel but way more violent than I thought it would be, especially regarding physical harm, blackmail about forced outing and so on.

L’Homme Gribouillé and Poussière were two great graphic novels, I’m so glad I borrowed them from the library on a whim!

The Poison Song was a great ending to a now favourite trilogy, and Velocity Weapon is a book I’ll definitely want to re-read and am looking forward to its sequel. Silver in the Wood is a great novella, with m/m romance in the deep of the woods.

Royaume de vent et de colères was a great surprise, short historical fantasy with great characters, that I reviewed here. Les nuages de Magellan was a scifi novel with two women as main protagonists, a young one and a much older one, and I loved it a lot. Notre Dame de la Mer was sad and compelling, and I loved how it dealt with Bretagne’s myths and legends.

8 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up (2019)

  1. I read Velocity Weapon this month too and I agree that it was a lot of fun! Bummer hearing that about Magic for Liars though, I had plans to read it soon but a mystery that isn’t all that mysterious pretty much kills my motivation!


  2. I had wanted to read Magic for Liars, but kept seeing bad reviews for it. I saw a couple of good reviews this month, but I don’t think that will be enough to lure me back. One of my blogging buddies is going to be reading it and I am really curious about what she will think. 📚


  3. I haven’t heard of Running with Lions before, but I just looked it up and immediately added it to my TBR! And I just got Velocity Weapon from the library, so I’m very excited to start it. 😀

    (I still can’t believe how huge Way of Kings is, ahahaha.)


    1. It’s a really cute YA novel!! To read for the feels definitely.
      I’m so glad you’re reading Velocity Weapon!! I really loved that one, so much fun

      It’s enormous hahah, but it reads so fast!!


  4. I haven’t read Jen Williams’ series yet, but if it’s a new favorite?! Is there diverse representation? I’m also undecided if I want to read Silver in the Wood. 🙊


    1. Yeah you should definitely try reading The Ninth Rain, it was free a few months ago and is only 99c now I think. It’s super diverse yes 🙌💙

      It’s a novella so short and cheap, it’s not amazing or mind blowing but it’s a good read 🙂


      1. You made me remember that I got the ebook on Sebastian’s Amazon account back when it was free! (The ebook isn’t even available on .com for some reason.) Unfortunately, that means I can’t read it on my Kindle. 😂


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