March Wrap-Up (2019)

I promise this blog isn’t dead, but I tried so hard to put uni first I had to make a few sacrifices for a while. So here’s my MARCH recap post, super late and with nothing but a list of what I read because time… Might feel a bit hypocritcal to some of you because of how much I still managed to read but hey, I cannot survive without reading, but I can surivive not blogging 😉 I still have one exam left so I’m finally seeing the end of the line now!

Any Other Name (The Split Worlds #2), by Emma Newman

All Is Fair (The Split Worlds #3), by Emma Newman

A Little Knowledge (The Split Worlds #4), by Emma Newman

All Good Things (The Split Worlds #5), by Emma Newman

La Fée sorcière, de Brigitte Minne et Carll Cneut

Les cent nuits de Héro (Early Earth), by Isabel Greenberg

Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites (Beasts of Burden #1-4), by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson

Apostasie, de Vincent Tassy

Captain Marvel : Dark Origins (The Mighty Captain Marvel #125-129), de Margaret Stohl et Michele Bandini

Isola, Vol. 1 (Isola #1-5), de Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl et Msassyk

Je suis Captain Marvel (Marvel Anthologie), par un collectif d’auteurs

Klaus Vol. 1, de Grant Morrison et Dan Mora

My Hero Academia, Vol. 02, Vol. 03, Vol. 04, Vol. 05, de by Kohei Horikoshi

Planetfall (Planetfall #1), by Emma Newman

After Atlas (Planetfall #2), by Emma Newman

Before Mars (Planetfall #3), by Emma Newman

Atlas Alone (Planetfall #4), by Emma Newman

Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water, by Vylar Kaftan

Tout va bien, by Charlie Genmor

Dans ta bulle, de Julie Dachez

Marceline the Pirate Queen (Adventure Time: Original Graphic Novel), by Pendleton Ward, Leah Williams, Zachary Sterling, Laura Langston


7 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up (2019)

    1. Thank you 💛

      There’s one (1) draft I’m working on at the moment and it’s for this series haha! Loved it but not perfect, really shows the way the author evolved with time!

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  1. Prioritising reading over blogging seems like the most sensible thing to me! I’m glad you’re almost at the end of exams (or maybe you are by now? I can’t remember if we discussed the date in our last message, sorry!).

    Your love for the Planetfall series has made me very excited to try it!

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