Bookstagram monthly update (july 2018)

Here we go again! Not as many posts but still a fair amount, thanks again to a very sunny weather – meaning I’m also dying of heat heLP.

1) It had been a long time since I posted something not bookish on there!

2) Started the month with those two beasts! 700 and 900 pages! 

3) As I love the show and the library had these, I couldn’t pass on the chance to give them a chance! 

4) Borrowed from my sister!

5) Don’t know if I’ll ever color this one but glad I got a copy! 

6) Complete trilogy ❤

7) When I just can’t make a choice and start three books at the same time 

8) Loved the main character but otherwise it was not amazing or anything

9) I can’t resist magical school stories!

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I posted a review for HELP WANTED on the blog today!💜 📖🎓🏰⚗️🎁 This is a cute slice-of-life novella set in a magical college in a contemporary setting! With queer characters 🌈✨ . . @_hex_libris tagged me a while back for the #comfortfoodbooktag and since this was a really nice comfy read I'm going to do it now! . 🍦Icecream: A book that helps you chill. ➡️ The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet 🧀Nachos: Spicy cheesy goodness. ➡️ uhh not sure I understand the prompt but I'll say Failure to Communicate 🍫Family block of choc: something sweet. ➡️ City of Strife and its sequel 🍬Jelly Snakes: fav kids book. ➡️ ok don't look at me but Harry Potter I guess 🍟Hot Chips to Share: fav book fandom. ➡️ The Realm of the Elderlings / Hobbsquad 🍿Popcorn: book to movie you like. ➡️ The Lord of the Rings and recently Love, Simon 🍕Pizza: a book you & your friends love. ➡️ Uhh I can't say RotE again I guess? Then I'll go with the Imperial Radch trilogy because I love talking about it with @meta.morphoses (but same goes for RotE) 🍔Burger: fav read for a lazy weekend. ➡️ I mean any book really but I'm planning on reading all the Discworld book an also Agatha Christie works, a nice lazy weekend (a whole year would be better becausw wow the amlunt of books!) doing that would be great! . . #bookstagram #instabook #bookstagrammer #bookphotography #becauseofreading #bookdragon #booklr #bookish #igreads #igbooks #bookbookbook #helpwanted #ashveilacademy #jemery #fantasynovella

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10) First time in a looooong while that I got mangas!

11) Lovecraftian goodness! 

12) From the library!

13) Another one borrowed from my sister, plus my newest plushie ❤

Boop that’s it! All my books are now in boxes but thankfully I still have some pictures left in my phone for the next two weeks before I can unpack 😉

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