May Wrap-Up (2018)

May has been a very busy month between my trip to London for a few days and my one month job that started, so not a lot of reading time. But I’m still very happy about it, especially since it was my birthday month as well! I got some gorgeous books that I definitely will be reading in June!

1) Tone of Voice (Xandri Corelel #2), by Kaia Sønderby
Failure to Communicate was my favourite book last year so I was super excited about the sequel. This was a 5/5 stars as well, with a bit more romance than the first, a first part really making us care for this new world and aliens, and a second half more action packed. My review

2) The Poppy War, by R.F. Kuang 
eARC from netgalley
Wow wow wow. Grimdark fantasy like I hadn’t read before. My review is coming very soon!

3) Baker Thief, by Claudie Arseneault
eARC from the author
A super cute and charming fantasy novel! With pastries, genderfluid thief, witches and evil plot that need solving.

4) Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries #3), by Martha Wells
eARC from the publisher
5/5 for the third time, this series is hitting all the right notes for me!

5) Undead Girl Gang, by Lily Anderson
I have conflicted feelings, this was really cool at times, and unsettling and I-don’t-know-what-to-think at others, while also giving a great horror movie vibe in the last part.

6) I Was Born For This, by Alice Oseman 
Read in one setting and reviewed just as fast, this was not a win from the beginning for me but Oseman is the YA writer of my heart and aced this story.
Here is my review.

7) The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince (Realms of the Elderlings #0.5), by Robin Hobb 
So so sad, but gave great insight about the Wit and how it came to be seen as such a negative magic, and how it became part of the Farseer bloodline. Would recommend the read before the Tawny Man trilogy or even after Fool’s Errand.

8) The Black God’s Drums, by P. Djèlí Clark
eARC from the publisher
Small review on goodreads!

9) Fool’s Errand (Tawny Man #1), by Robin Hobb
5/5 once again, Fitz is definitely my favourite, as well as Nighteyes. Also great joy to see Fitz and the Fool to be back together in adventures. The slow beginning with an older Fitz looking back on the last 15 years was maybe my favourite part. Also loved the way it winks at stuff from The Liveship Traders trilogy.

10) After Atlas (Planetfall #2), by Emma Newman
Detective novel set in a dystopian future, great companion book to Planetfall! Though not a light read at all, very dark. (wrote a little bit on goodreads)

11) Before Mars (Planetfall #3), by Emma Newman
Wow this one hit the mark. The main character is a woman, an artist, a geologist, a mother. Though she’d never wanted to be a mother and has always felt guilty about her feelings that doesn’t conform to what society would expect from her.
This novel is a mystery set on the planet Mars, I saw some stuff coming but it was still very gripping. Love the way Emma Newman uses scifi and human emotions and mental health in her series here.

12) Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day, by Seanan McGuire
A ghost working for a suicide prevention line, suddenly realises ghost are going missing in her city and team up with a witch. LOVED it!

Posted this month: 

Book review: I Was Born For This
Book review: Tone of Voice
A new Realm of the Elderlings novella is heading our way

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Happy month of June to everyone!

12 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up (2018)

    1. She has! It’s a really charming novel, I’m still working on my review 😉

      Definitely!! Seeing her name on an anthology always makes me want to buy it!

      I hope you’re aware of the list of content warning! It’s a great read but best be aware of its content 😮

      thanks for you lovely comment ❤


    1. Good luck for catching up 😀 I’m sure you’ll manage!
      I’m keeping Golden Fool for the end of June so that I can continue with Fool’s Fate right after *o*

      I did! Thanks 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my god, Baker Thief sounds so cute!

    I’m so glad that Murderbot Diaries continues to be good, it’s probably my favorite Tor.com series. I’m excited for The Black God’s Drums!

    Ugh, both of the Planetfall books sound amazing, I definitely need to make time for them.


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