September Wrap-up (2017) : Comics Single Issues special!

I have read quite a lot of comics single issues this month so I thought I should make a separate wrap-up from the main one since it’s already quite crowded!

Ladycastle #1-4
I’d been meaning to read this series for a while and I finally caved! It was really nice, seeing these ladies taking charge, dealing with self doubt and supporting one another. Not a big fan of the art though.

Super Sons #1-8
Haaaa so good!! I have a review up for the first volume (issues #1-5) here.

Destroyer #1-4
A black woman, the best in her scientific field, uses Dr.Frankenstein’s researches to bring her son back to life. I loved the explanations from the writers at the end of each issues on how they came to think about this and their analysis of Mary Shelley’s novel. Worth the read.

Mech Cadet Yu #1-2
Something that sound so much like Pacific Rim had to go through my eyeballs! It was really nice and I’m excited to read more.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #1-2
I was expecting to get a high school vibe to this and that’s exactly what I got! They’re dealing with the changes to their daily life and the new people in the lives and I found this very nice, will absolutely read more.

Giant Days #14-30
I loooooved this comic series about a group of three girls in their first year at college in England. It’s the NA story I’d been waiting for. A lot of this is relatable, maybe not everything but I loved it 100%. I love how the newest issues in their second year shows the girls growing a circle a friends around them. Slight spoiler but: I don’t know what to think about them being in bad terms with another because of her girlfriend. Will have to see what happens next!

Brave Chef Brianna #1-4
I liked this because the idea of an anxious young woman trying to make a restaurant of human food work in a monster city was cool, but ultimately I didn’t loved this that much. I don’t really know why? It was nice.

SLAM! #1-4
SUCH a great book about roller derby! Young and not so young women supporting each others, rivalry, sports, passion. Highly recommend.

The Immortal Iron Fists #1-2
I was drawn in because I’d seen on twitter how lovely the art inside was (contrary to that cover, which I find meh) and I loved that it focused on this amazing young girl. Not a fan of Danny (that I only know through the Defenders netflix show to be honest), but Pei and the old woman watching over her in a very supportive way made me smile a lot. (Here’s the artist’s twitter profile! *linking it because the tweet below that made me aware of this series hadn’t linked it at first*)
tw: bullying

Weirdworld (2015-) #5-6
Nooooooo one of my fave marvel series has been cancelled 😥 I have the first four issues in physical copies and I can still reread them and gaze at the wonderful art but HAA I wanted more 😥

Spider-Woman (2015-) #7-17
I’ve already said this a dozen time but I LOVE Jessica’s redesign.
Also I love her, I LOVE HER! One of my favourite super hero to read about.
Issue #8  was amazing, so much fun, Jess battling sea monsters in the sewers while on the phone with her nanny.
I love Jess and Rogers relationship (not sure about how it evolved), same with Ben, they form a great team!
Not a big fan of putting Jess at odds with other women though…
An amazing series, I’ll need to buy the complete volumes! So so so sad that this is over 😦

Jean Grey #1-7
I jumped in this series because I was intrigued!
This young Jean is seeking guidance in how to use her powers and how to fight against the phoenix trying to take her over, with Namor, Odinson, Psylocke, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch… I really had fun, it’s very episodic, and my favourite were the 5th and 6th issues.

I should also have such a wrap-up for October because I’m back to reading a lot of comics in this format, once I start I can’t stop!

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