March Wrap-Up (2017)

March was a month with a lot of exams so I’m glad I managed to read all those books! I also decided at the start of 2017 to be more serious on my reading/reviewing of ARCs so that might explain why I read so much of those. I’m super thankfull to receive those and I’m reviewing the most I can. I wanted to read more books in French and… it was not a success. Not a disaster either but I really should try and do better in April!

1) Carmilla, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
I didn’t really liked that one unfortunately. I picked it up from the library when I saw it being showcased up front because I knew it was a classic vampire story. But the racism made me wince and the writing was boring. I’m not saying that because it’s a classic, I like and study a lot of classics, but I didn’t connect with this one. Still, I’m interested about the web series!

2) City of Strife (City of Spires #1), by Claudie Arseneault
Such a great diverse indie fantasy! Here’s my review!

3) These Ruthless Deeds (These Vicious Masks #2), by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas 
Still writing my review of this eARC! I loved These Vicious Masks, and that one was a great sequel, it didn’t disappoint but it didn’t top TVM either.

4) The Ghost Line, by Andrew Neil Gray and J.S. Herbison 
Another eARC. Also writing my review. Creepy and captivating, but I did not really liked the relationship between the characters.

5) Contribute (Holo #2), by Kristy Acevedo
And an eARC once again! I loved Consider (why would I have requested this sequel if I hadn’t? 😉 ) and this one, while being totally different, was a good sequel but I was really surprised (and disappointed to be honest) by some choices made by the author. I will talk about it on my review.

6) Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology, edited by Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson
What? Yes, another eARC. I really loved this anthology, currently working on my review which will be up this month.

7) L’épée de l’hiver, by Marta Randall
Here’s my review (in french)!
I didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I wouldn’t recommend it really but if you’re interested in older fantasy novels from the 80s, I guess there’s worse than this one! (The Sword of Winter in english)

8) Between Two Thorns (The Split Worlds #1), by Emma Newman
Why oh why don’t I read more urban fantasy? This really reminded me why I love this genre! While not perfect, I enjoyed it very much. This is what I hoped Brother’s Ruin would be actually.

9) Hello World (.EXE Chronicles #1), by Tiffany Rose and Alexandra Tauber
Haaaa I wasn’t expecting to like this that much! I’ve been following the authors on twitter for a while and when I saw that Hello World was free on kindle for a few days I jumped on it! I don’t mind reading on my phone with the kindle app, as long as the book is awesome! I basically read Betweet Two Thorns and Hello World at the same time, often struggling to choose which one to read when I had some free time!

10) Les Armoires vides, by Annie Ernaux
I read that one for my French Lit course! Annie Ernaux is slowly becoming a classic author and I enjoyed studying her work.

Some numbers:
10 books
8 in English and 2 in French
4 from publishers, 2 from the library, 3 bought and 1 free on kindle!

What I posted this month:

Book review: The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories
Book review: Killing Gravity
Book review: Brother’s Ruin
Book review: City of Strife
Book review: Ninefox Gambit
Book review: All Systems Red
Chronique de livre: L’Épée de l’Hiver

This month I also took part on two monthly challenges on instagram! 

The #marchmonthofmythology was hosted by Isa (her blog, her instagram) and she posted some very interesting blog posts that you should go take a look at!
And the #grimdragon one was hosted by The Grimdragons (Holly’s instagram & Corey’s instagram)

Here are some pictures I used:

Yes I'm trying to catch up on the March challenges 😂 I don't have a picture for day8, but I have for day9 (today!), I think I will post it tomorrow, three pics in one day is a lot, I don't want to spam🙈 . day 7 of #marchmonthofmythology : Midas – golden book 💛 Fool's Assassin was the first that came to mind when I saw the name of that prompt! Now that I took the pic I realise I could have included the gorgeous UK edition of Sorcerer to the Crown and I'm mad at myself 🙃 . day 7 of #grimdragon : mirror mirror, books with similar plots 🗡 books with assassins, young characters being trained and being the best at what they do is a kind of story I really like! Also a character followed throughout the years, from youth to adulthood is something I really enjoy! I can think of several others but I couldn't bring them for the pic T^T for exemple the name of the wind, lock lamora, Mistborn trilogy…

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I took some pictures this afternoon and this one made me laugh because the light hit precisely the "o", looking as if it was the ring, and I didn't even did it on purpose 😯 And it kinda fits for the prompts of today's challenges so here goes! . day 18 of #marchmonthofmythology : Ariadne – a character who deserved better 📖 THIS BOOK deserved better. Yes, I'm still mad about the crappy movie trilogy they got out of this precious book :') ~ plus my sentence can be used for another detail: this book deserved better, I got it on a used online store and the bottom left corner is all screwed up like someone sat on it 😦 but I love it anyway 🙌💛 . day 18 of #grimdragon : magical/evil dragon 🐲 I'm kinda sad this lovely edition of the hobbit doesn't feature Smaug on the cover, but I guess since so many others did, it was also original of them to choose the episode of the butterflies!

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I haven't read this one yet but I'm really looking forward to! 🙌✨ . day 19 of #marchmonthofmythology : Daphne – book and tree 🌲 there are not a lot of trees around where I live but I really like this one, it's very large! . day 19 of #grimdragon : book with death/gore 🗡 I have the kind of synesthesia where, if i see someone getting hurt or read about it I feel it so it's really not great 😅(plus I can see time! I didn't know it was not the case for everyone 😯) So, spatio-temporal synesthesia and mirror-touch synesthesia. ~~ I still love a lot of books where there are deaths, gore and such, but I don't love them because of this! Once I got dizzy and almost passed out because of the descriptions so… 🙃

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day 24 of #marchmonthofmythology : Dionysos – Recommend a book from your country ❄️ So I'm from France and I'm recommending "Les Fiancés de l'Hiver", the first book in La Passe-Miroir series by Christelle Dabos. It has not been translated (yet?) and there are two books out so far, the series being set to be 4 books! It's a really great book series and if you can read a little bit of French definitely give it a try!! Plus, lovely cover 😍💙 . Ophélie, the main character, can travel through mirrors and can also "read" objects by touching them (so she wears gloves at all times). The world has kinda disintegrated into isles floating in the air (kinda like in the movie avatar if I'm not mistaken??) She's in age to marry and her parents promised her to a guy in a cold and distant isle, against her wish of course. He comes to retrieve her in a zeppelin and then many things happen 🙌✨

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I didn’t manage to post everyday but it was my first time taking part in such a challenge and I think I’ll try to do it again! Maybe not in April since I’m not sure I’ll be able to take as many pictures as I did this month, but definitely some day!

Currently reading:


Wishing each and everyone of you a gread April with lots of great books!


10 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up (2017)

  1. The Between Two Thorns series must have done something right because I read all three books. But I know I didn’t love them as much as you seem to have because I can’t really remember anything about them.


    1. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up forgetting everything too when I’ll have finished the series ^^’
      But I loved how geeky Cathy was!
      Still, I didn’t 100% loved it, I still have some issues, I’ll try to write and post my complete review this month or the next 🙂


  2. I really want to check out City of Strife now, it sounds great! Lies of Locke Lamora…<3 It's my all-time favorite and I haven't even read the third book because I know the fourth will take ages to come out. I want to be able to read both back to back when Thorn of Emberlain comes out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes yes do 😀 If you’re not sure, the kindle edition is not that expensive!
      Hahah I can understand! I loooooove this series, I can’t even choose a favourite between the three! I’ll definitely reread them all before the 4th!


    1. I really loved it! Kinda made me think of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet for the fact that it’s so open minded and full of compassion between the characters. There’s a ton of great characters from various background and identies too! *sorry I get too enthusiastic for books like that*


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