February Wrap-Up (2017)

1) Caraval (Caraval, #1), by Stephanie Garber
Such a big disappointment. I was super hyped but it turned out to be full of tropes I don’t like.
(My review)

2) Par-dessus bord, by Michel Vinaver
Read that one for school, for my compared literature class, in french. Didn’t really liked it even if I understand why we’re studying it. I actually liked the retelling by Orisa Hirata better.

3) Winter Tide (The Innsmouth Legacy, #1), by Ruthanna Emrys
I really liked that one, a very nice surprise!
(My review)

4) Queens of Geek, by Jen Wilde
Super quick read, YA novel about three friends at a convention. Nice, lovely, geeky, fun and educationnal for teens.
(My review)

5) All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries, #1), by Martha Wells
Super good!!!! Read that one as an eARC from Tor and it was a very nice surprise.
(My review will be posted closer to the publication date)

6) River of Teeth, by Sarah Gailey
Another eARC from Tor that I really liked! About feral hyppos and it has a great cast of characters.
(My review will also be posted closer to the publication date)

7) Culottées (Culottées, #2), by Pénélope Bagieu
SO GOOD! You can totally read it without having read the first one (my review) but I recommend BOTH! Amazing. But TW for rape and violence for the story of Phulan Devi.
Also my sister got it for me at Angouleme so it is SIGNED by Pénélope Bagieu *o*

8) Final Girls, by Mira Grant
I got and eARC from the publisher through netgalley, it was a short read (novella) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
(Review will be up in a few days/weeks, not sure when yet)

9) Mapping the Interior, by Stephen Graham Jones 
Another eARC from Tor. It was really dark and didn’t click with me because I don’t usually read horror stories but it is very short and I still would recommend to check it out if the resume speaks to you. I almost didn’t read it but since it was 55 pages on my e-reader and I saw the author was Native American I really wanted to give it a chance anyway. Really I’m not disappointed I read it, it’s just that I’m scared very easily and not a big fan of horror.

10) Les Confessions, livres I à VI, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
I read that one for my french literature class, this semester focusing on autobiography. I have no strong feeling about it, it can be a fun read at times and also interesting to analyse. So I’d say an okay school book, haha.

Some numbers:
10 books
7 in English and 3 in French
6 from publishers, 1 won from a giveaway, 1 gift, 2 bought

Books I didn’t finish:
1) Chalk, by Paul Cornell 
It wasn’t bad, I was just not well enough to read a book focusing on bullying. I’m sure it must be a good book, but I was just too unconfortable. With some books such as All the birds in the sky I can manage, but there it seems to be a big big part of the story.
2) Brume de cendres, by Dominique Douay
I got that one from the library because I usually like books from this publisher (Les Moutons Électriques) but I didn’t clicked with that one. It kinda creeped me out. I only read 50 pages.

Currently reading:

12 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up (2017)

  1. I agree, for me Caraval was a dissapointment. It took me SOO long to finish, and the lack of worldbuilding was SUPER annoying. The characters were okay, and it was filled with cliches. Needless to say, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Good post. Have an AMAZING DAY!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha I’m glad I read it with a friend, otherwise I’m not sure I would have finished it (which would have been a shame since the end is the only thing I kinda liked hahah.)
      Happy to see I’m not such a black sheep as I first thought I was with this book 😉
      Thank youuu! Great day to you too 😀


    1. Haha don’t worry I understand that I was a bit harsh, but it was such a big disappointment for me 😦
      Still happy for you that you didn’t hate it as much, hating a book is always so sad.


  2. Wow! It sounds like you read a ton of great books this month! I’m glad you enjoyed them all so much. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous recap! ❤


  3. Omg nearly EVERYONE is saying Caraval is way over hyped and disappointing. *goes to cry in the corner* I just bought it…although I admit I was in love with the cover haha. I hope I have better luck with it, but I’m keeping expectations low.😂 Yay for all the reading you got done this month! That’s wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah now that it’s out I’m seeing more and more people disappointed. It’s still sad, it had great potential!
      Maybe you’ll still enjoy it 🙂 (Yes the cover is so so so beautiful!! At least there’s that!)
      Thank you! 😀


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