The “This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours” Book Tag

I was tagged by Anne Inked Brownies to do this “This is my genre, tell me yours” book tag! It was created as a mean to see the favourite genre of people, by Drew (credited bellow) and I’m super glad I did it, even if the three of us chose the same genre!

The Rules:

  • Credit Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek as the creator of the tag, either use the created tag name graphic or create your own and link back to his blog
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag as many people as you want



1). What’s your favourite genre?

I want to cheat and say SFF for Science fiction and Fantasy but I’ll choose fantasy because I started by only reading fantasy and then went to science fiction a little bit more in my teens (But I still love science fiction A LOT too).

random picture of sff books from my shelves

2). Who’s your favourite author from the genre?

I would go with Robin Hobb even if I only discovered her books 4 or 5 years ago, thanks to my mother and grandmother! Her Realm of the Elderlings saga is amazing.
Close second would be Brandon Sanderson, his worldbuilding and magic systems are super original.

I know I’m still missing some books, working on it!

3). What is it about the genre that keeps pulling you back?

I love that in fantasy, we can find everything. From horror to romance, from mystery to military stories, from investigations to epic adventures, and I could go on. That’s a genre that is just so rich, it really contains a multitud of stories and I love that.
Also I love dragons and sword fights, complex magic system and amazing worldbuilding.
Plus maps are great to look at!

4). What’s the book that started your love for your favourite genre?

I was going to say Harry Potter but I remember that I loved to look at the pictures of the Black Cauldron disney book when I was a child! It’s in french because, well, I’m french!
I know it is not at all the best story of all, but I was maybe 3 or 4 and I don’t know why but I kept going back to this book.

I also learned not so long ago that it was based on a real book series by Lloyd Alexander : The Chronicles of Prydain! So I’m planning on reading them one of these days.

5). If you had to recommend at least one book from your favourite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start reading that genre, what book would you choose and why?

That is a very hard question! I remember that my mother started reading fantasy at the same time I did, so she started with Harry Potter and Eragon and I guess it all went pretty well since she now reads a lot of fantasy too! But I would also maybe recommend the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and maybe some anthologies so that people can find which authors strike a cord!
Also The Name of the Wind is awesome (well at first I couldn’t get past the first fifty pages but then loved it) for people who want fantasy but neither with dragons or sword fights.
For something both grimmer and funnier I’d rec Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence, it’s quite dark but I laughed a lot!
And my favourite from last year was Sorcerer to the crown (my review) !

6). Why do you read?

I tried many times to answer that question over the years, and I think it’s simply because I love stories. I love to read for the same reason I love to watch tvshows and movies and play video games!
But reading is my favourite because at any time I can escape into my book without bothering anyone, I can bring it with me and even re-reading a single chapter out of the blue. I also love how words can evoke so many images in our head, that will always be way better than any movies (in my opinion).

I Tag:

Whoever wants to do this, consider yourself tagged! 🙂

30 thoughts on “The “This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours” Book Tag

    1. Right? It’s so amazing! At first I was reticent because the French edition never made me want to pick this series up but when I saw how much they were both so into it I tried and : so glad I did!!


  1. Awesome answers Lucille!! 😀 God, I can just stare at your pictures all day long, what a fabulous collection you have <3. Also, I'm so happy to see someone else knows about and loves The Black Cauldron. I bought a DVD of the movie last year when I saw it on display in a supermarket for crying out loud and was so happy to relive my childhood memories with it. Anyone I tell about it has never heard of the book or the movie. Inconceivable!!! xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks !! 😀 and double thanks ❤
      Ahhhhh you too?? awesome!! I also bought the dvd two years ago! I know it's not a perfect story or anything but I just love this aesthetic so much and seeing a disney with it is so great!
      But it looks like it isn't very well known, that's too bad!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yesss! — I don’t think so, at least I’d never met people in school who knew about it! Only when I bought the DVD the cashier was excited to see I’d chosen that one and other not we’ll known Disney movies 😀

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoy this tag– Drew did a great job with it. It’s great reading your responses. I love that you were originally absorbed into the genre by a Disney picture book! That makes me so happy. I love the whole Chronicles of Prydian series, honestly. But I’ve never seen the movie. Shame on me…
    Have you read the books?


    1. He did! It’s super fun and I want to see what everyone answered 😀 and thank you!
      I love that too, I was lucky to have these books at home!
      I have not read the chronicles of Prydian yet, I don’t think they were translated to French? I’m sad I didn’t get to read them when I was younger! But I’ll try to read them anyway one of these days:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was super fun to answer! Do you want me to tag you?:) or you can also do it anyway just like that!
      I feel like her newer books are even better, and all her series are starting to get into one it’s amazing! Characters meeting each other through their travels is my favourite part ❤


  3. I’m always sligtly jealous of people who have read Fantasy (and SciFi) bascially there whole life because I only started a few years back and there are SO many books I want to read now. (also feeling like an idiot that it took me such a long time to try something new and stop thinking “it probably isn’t for me”)

    Definitely need to read more of Robin Hobbs’ books in 2017! I’ve only read one so far *hides*
    (love your collection btw!)

    Not sure whether you use Netgalley, but just in case: Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister is available for request right now! (I’ve been waiting for an answer for quite some time already though, so might be we non-US people won’t get it anyway)

    Super fun tag! Not going to do it though because I REALLY don’t know which genre to pick, SciFi or Fantasy haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lots of people start when they’re in their late thirty so it’s not too late don’t worry! But I understand, I feel the same of Sci-fi, it seems there are not a lot of MG sci-fi novels, it’s too bad! Or at least I never saw any before my teens when I went to the library or the bookshop!
      Plus i also feel SFF is only being super popular since a few years, the bookshop i used to go to only had a really small shelf for them but in the last few days it has grown soooo much!
      YES I’m sure you will love her books! Which one did you read? It’s even better if you read them in the right order, I didn’t and I regret it now!
      (Thank you ❤ )
      Yes I also requested it when it was added but I feel like there's only been two or three people approved?? It's weird! I cannot wait for the cover to be revealed! Or "covers" if the US and UK are different!
      HAHA yes choosing which one to do was the hardest part, I tried to do the one I had more things to say about but the more I think about it the more I also want to do it for Sci-fi books ^^'


      1. I’ve read Assassin’s Apprentice.
        What do you consider the right order? My plan was to just read in publication order. It’s what I usually do when there are different ways to read a series.


        1. Yep that’s it! But I’ve met so many people who read in a bizarre order (plus in France it’s not even told at the back of the book that they’re in the same world ><) that I always make sure to tell people to read in the right order, because so many great twists ❤


          1. Yeah, goodreads also has a listing for the chronological order I think but I always choose publication order over that because the author can’t make references to things in books set before when they weren’t written yet (unless it’s Sanderson of course, he could pull it off LOL)


  4. Oh I love this tag! AND I LOVE FANTASY so I’m avidly taking note of these recommendations. 😀 I am halfway through The Name of the Wind and looooove it so much. ❤ And I really want to read Prince of Fools since I loved the author's Prince of Thorns (he likes princes in his titles, doesn't he?!😂) And I haven't tried any Robin Hobb yet but I DEFINITELY WILL. George RR Martin is brutal and disturbing but I still love his series. And I neeeed to read more Mistborn. All the fantasy coooome to me.😍


    1. Haha thanks 😀
      Ohhhhh so glad that you are also loving the Name of the Wind!!
      I couldn’t get into Prince of Thorns but Prince of Fools is so much fun! Did you see his next book that focuses on a girl? It’s called Red Sister! I really cannot wait for that one!
      Omg I’m sure you would love Robin Hobb, she has amazing characters, they are superbly flawed (I hope this makes sense) and there is so much character development throughout her series!
      Yes I also really liked GRRM, I thought he was already so well known I should mention Hobb instead of him 😉
      yes yes yes mistborn ❤ I love how Sanderson is planning on doing so many series on this world!!
      FANTASY BOOKS ARE SO AWESOME! (shh shh scifi books, I love you too ❤ )


  5. Fantasy is the One Genre to Rule Them All and I tell people that every chance I get. Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Prydain are both EPIC choices! I loved them both so much. I have The Name of the Wind on my TBR shelf and I’ve heard great things about it from so many people! Seriously, I could gush about fantasy all day. Fantasy is life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes!!!
      I feel like there is a fantasy book for everybody!
      I still have to read the real Prydain series but I cannot wait, I hear so many great things about it!
      I hope you will love the name of the wind, it’s amazing ❤ I struggled for the first fifty pages but then it's amazing when it *really* starts!
      I understand 😀 👍👍


    1. I should read more magical realism, I don’t think I have read much but I loved the ones I read ! (Could you recommend like three of your faves maybe? 🙂 )
      Yes Robin Hobb is the best for me, her character development is amazing! From my grand-mother to my mom to my sister : we all love her series ! ❤


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